For more than 30 years, Flagstaff MOPS has served as a bit of a sanctuary for moms of young children in Flagstaff. With such a rich history, our group has continued to flourish and welcome moms of young children year after year. MOPS is a place to come and take a small break from all of the demands of life and raising kids.

When you come to Flagstaff MOPS this is what you will find:

  • A table of other moms, excited to welcome you and get to know you
  • A tribe of women, just like you, raising up the next generation
  • A breakfast buffet and COFFEE, because we know how hard it is to get everyone out the door in the morning
  • A fun activity, video, or speaker that relates directly to raising young children
  • A place for your littles to play and learn, with some of the loveliest childcare workers around

More Details

The Meetings:

Here are the basic elements:

  • A welcoming and open environment
  • Mentoring and leadership development opportunities
  • Time for creative activities
  • Valuable take away teachings and lessons
  • And best of all … childcare

The Location:

Meetings are held at Flagnaz Community Church located at 3505 East Soliere Avenue, Flagstaff.

MOPS Kids:

MOPS Kids provides a caring atmosphere for children which:

  • Delivers loving, quality care for each child.
  • Ensures loving workers are caring for children and that these workers know their responsibilities.
  • Share Jesus’ love with each child, through their gentle approach and Bible stories, verses and songs.


To connect with our group, send us an email through our contact link, or just show up to a Thursday morning meeting.