From the Beginning: How Joining MOPS Changed Everything

MOPS Friends

It was June of 2016 and we’d just moved into our new home in Flagstaff, AZ. Amidst unpacking the billions of boxes stuffed with more packing paper than possessions – I wondered how I was going to help my family feel at home in our new town.

We left behind a village of friends and family in California, and we electively sold the home where we made all of our hazy new parent memories.

I didn’t have a mama friend within a 7 hour drive of our new hometown. I was at a loss for where to begin trying to find playmates or activities for my young boys. We knew we’d made the right choice moving our family – but in those early months it felt very lonely.

Through the kindness of a stranger I was introduced to FCF MOPS. There, at the registration meeting I met my table leader – we quickly exchanged phone numbers and I had found a friend! From there on I felt included into the Flagstaff community in a totally new way.

Joining FCF MOPS was one of the most significant choices I’ve made for myself and my family. Through MOPS I’ve been introduced to dozens women who’ve helped me feel welcomed and valued in our community. I’ve made friends and discovered a wonderful system of support and encouragement.

I often enter the bi-weekly meetings feeling scattered and drained. It’s always a little hectic getting everyone out the door and across town in time.  But in those 2 hours I find myself seen, heard and restored. I return to my car, a toddler on my hip and a spring in my step. I’m ready to return to my motherhood with newfound joy.

MOPS opened a whole new world for me. I believe I’m a better Christian, Wife and Mother because of MOPS.

Do you remember when you first joined MOPS?


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