Summer with FCF MOPS

Summer in Flagstaff is my very favorite thing in all the world. If you’ve lived here, even through just one summer, you know what I mean.

There is nothing better than sun from early morning until late evening, warm (but not hot) mornings for family hikes or playing at the park, and the sweet smell of rain in the heat of the afternoon.

As a mom of young children, it can also be a lonely time. Most of our activities take a break for the summer. No more dance classes, mom group meet ups, school activities (if you have older kids or kids attending preschool). Many of your mama friends go on vacation and nobody’s summer plans really every seem to line up well for a get together.

I get it, it’s hard. I’m always a mix of sad and relieved when the MOPS year ends, and I don’t have pre-arranged plans to see friends twice at least twice a month.

Here at FCF MOPS, we know the struggle well, and because we know that summers can be both busy and lonely, we have weekly park play dates for a simple, no pressure, come when you can, pre-arranged plan to see friends.

If you haven’t attended a MOPS meeting yet, and don’t know anyone who might be attending the play dates, click over to our contact page and send us a message. I love to meet new friends, and would love to chat with you before a park date so that you have at least one friendly face to find at the park.

What do you do in the summer to keep your littles occupied and keep yourself from going stir crazy?

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